Product Lines photography by: Chris Jones Products Sea-Life Over the years I have created  a line of pottery inspired by  the natural beauty of Amelia  Island. The styles, colors and  critters that adorn these pots  all reflect the wondrous  diversity that nature has  bestowed on and around  Amelia Island.   Most of my work is what I  consider Functional Pottery.  That means it is  designed for  use in everyday life. Many  people tell me they only  intend to decorate with much  of this work, but I do prefer for  these items to enhance your  daily life.  Sometimes I take time to let  my imagination really go. For  years I have been  constructing what some call  “Spirit Houses” or maybe  even a Pagoda. These are an  evolution of a project from my  college days. Other subjects  vary from fantasy figures to  architectural forms.   Functional Pots Unique Forms